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L’Alcove is not only a small resort with 7 bungalows in the middle of a coconut grove, it’s also a bistro on the beach on Hing Kong bay.

Let our team take care of you  for an unforgettable stay on Koh Phangan.

Come to enjoy our French dishes and Thai fusion food, like home in our bistro and wine bar on the beach with more than 60 references. Arranged and decorated with care for your comfort, this one offers one of the most beautiful sunset on the island. You will be surrounded by friendliness and sharing.

In few words, can you explain who you are?

Karine comes from Medoc and Melanie from Normandy in France. After traveling a lot and living a stressful life in Paris during years, we decided to change our life in 2013 during our 30’s and 40’s year. We wanted to have a different life. Nothing predisposed us to this choice of life and professional activity, actually it’s our first experience in catering and hotel.


What are you expecting from this new experience?

We would like to be in phase with our dreams and desires, sharing and live great moments with our customers from all around the world. We want to share our French culture and also discover one’s of our travelers, give our good address and share our memories. Waking up every morning with this sea view is a simple feeling of happiness that fill us.

 Can you tell us few words about your concept « just like home » ?

We’ve traveled a lot, especially in Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand) and after few weeks, then few months, we missed France and all the flavors and music from. It was often difficult to fill our desires. Furthermore we realized lots of hotels and guesthouses were particularly impersonal, considering us more tourists than guest. We wanted to create a warm and cosy place that everyone likes, feeling like home even thousands of miles away.


Why a wine bar and homemade food ?

Karine : My grand parents owned a small family vineyard. During annual harvest, all our family was reunited. Now, drinking a glass of wine thousand miles away reminds me my childhood.

Mélanie : For me it’s a bit different, except cider and calvados, my puck was not necessarily educated to the wine’s taste. Karine’s family and her, it’s them who opened me to this pleasure. Furthermore about homemade products, delicatessen for example, the first motivation was the cost of the importation of this kind of products. But with our parents butchers help we learned a lot and today the quality of a homemade pâté compare to a imported pâté who travelled weeks to arrive in Koh Phangan is no longer demonstrated. This is why we work a maximum with local farmers.


Meet the owners
(source : interview radio manche Normandie caen)
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